Thank you for trusting us with your inspection needs

At Capela Home Inspections LLC we inspect each home as if it were our own purchase. We are always adapting new techniques and methods to give our clients the most comprehensive inspection possible. We do thermal scans of the house looking for a multiude of possible defects like water intrusion areas, lacking insulation, and many other things. Also we do drone flights on roof systems. This gives our inspector the capabilty to look at every angle of your home in 4k quality. Other tools used on our inspections are gas sniffers, bore scopes, moisture meters, thermal imaging, and many more tools to make sure we give you the most quality for your hard earned money. Every inspection we conduct comes with a detailed report with pictures and videos of any defects that may have been found. Our home inspections are not a pass/fail code inspection but rather a safety report and learning report of the home that you may be purchasing or already own. Most of all our inspector will go above and beyond to discuss with each of our clients their report and any concerns they may have. We believe in building relationships that last a lifetime and we want to make this process as smooth as possible and leave our clients walking away feeling it was money well spent. 

As part of our 4 point inspection you receive an inspection of 4 major components of a residence. This service includes inspection of the roof system, HVAC system, electrical system, and a hot water tank inspection. This inspection gives our client a good idea of the well being of the home. This type of inspection is limited in its scope to the 4 major components as mentioned above.  This type of inspection is a pass/fail inspection and a report will be given to our clients on why the verdict was reached, giving them the knowledge to negotiate possible terms for repair. 

In northwest Pennsylvania many rural homes utilize a septic system to dispose of human waste on site.  A septic system inspection involves opening of the septic system on site, visually checking components, checking the levels of waste, and taking core samples to evaluate the amount of sludge in the septic system.  High levels of sludge can back up the system into the home or back up a sand mound or leech field and cause home owners very high out of pocket expenses. An inspection will alert our clients to high levels and a recommendation to have the septic tank pumped will be advised if needed.  A dye test can also be preformed to test the integrity of the system as well. 

A wood destroying organsims inspection or whats commonly known as a pest inspection is preformed to give our clients a full in depth inspection of any pests that may be located at a home. Wood destroying organisms just like its name sake destroy a properties wooden components leading to a multiude of out of pocket expenses for home owners. As part of the inspection process our client will get a fully detailed report with any findings and ways to mitigate pests from gaining entry into the homes structure. 

Private well water supply is commonly found in Northwestern PA especially in thr rural areas. Our private well inspection service includes a visual inspection of all well components from the exterior well casing to the interior piping, pressure tanks, shut offs, and water purification measures that may be on-site. Water pressure will be checked and a well flow test will be conducted.

With many homes in Northwest PA having private wells for drinking water, a water test is a good test to have preformed. Many harmful micro-organisms and bacteria can be found in some drinking water, that if gone untreated can cause severe adverse health effects over time. Coliform bacteria, Nitrates, and Nitrites are some of the contaminates tested. We can’t stress enough to get your water tested periodically.  Changing nearby circumstances and possible contamination unknown to you could potentially change your families water quality, this is why we emphasize if you’re unsure of your water quality to have it tested! Our families are our most valuble possession in life| 

Mold in a home is an unpleasant sight but also very unhealthy when inhaled especially certain types of mold. Mold fungi can grow rapidly in the right conditions. Mold growth often times is a result of another issue going on in a home. Our inspection process involves obtaining samples of the apparent mold growth, having it tested so you as our client know what type of mold it is, as well as figuring out the source of the mold growth. A report will be generated and discussed with our client, with a route to remedy the food source thats allowing the mold to grow.